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This support website allows members to raise support cases related to TheCoin.pw mining pools.

This support centre only supports cases logged for the following:-

  • Account Related
  • Website Related
  • Withdrawal Related
  • New Coin Request
In order to streamline support requests and better serve our members each support request is assigned a unique ticket number of which can be used to track the progress and responses online.

For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. A valid email address is required to submit a ticket.

Support cases raised referring to the below mentioned topics may be closed without a reply.

No Block Found/Taking Time to Locate Block
TheCoin.pw receive numerious support cases about the following questions:-

  • Why hasn't the mining pool located a block?
  • I have been mining for X hours and haven't received a payout?
  • I have mined elsewhere and found more blocks.
There a three main factors that all members should be aware of when using any of TheCoin.pw mining pools, they are:-

  1. Pool Hashrate
    1. If the mining pools hashrate is low/or much lower than the 'Network Hashrate' (see below) the mining pool will naturally take longer to locate/find blocks.
  2. Network Difficulty
    1. Network difficulty is the total hashrate against for the coin, so it is the total hashrate of every person/every mining pool that is contribting against that coin. Once again a high network hashrate and a low mining pool hashrate would mean that the mining pool will naturally take longer to locate/find blocks.
    2. Some coin developers hide network hashrate. If your unable to see the 'Network Hashrate' on TheCoin.pw dashboard is means that the coin developers have chosen not to display the 'Network Hashrate' via the wallet.
  3. Difficulty
    1. The difficulty basically ties in to the 'Network Hashrate' the higher the coins 'Network Hashrate' the higher the coins difficulty. When the coins difficulty is high the mining pool will naturally take longer to locate/find blocks.
Basically all of the about points are outside of our control. If you would like more blocks to be located the only way to fix this is to invite more members to mine or add additional hashrate to the mining pool.

Started Mining and No Payout
TheCoin.pw would like to remind members that all TheCoin.pw mining pools operate using the proportional (prop) payout method. This mean coins are distributed to members according to the effort their miner has contributed against the round.

When a member connects their mining device to any TheCoin.pw mining pool and submits valid shares they are contributing against the current 'round'. This round continues until the next block is located, once a block if found this signifies the start of a new round.

After the round ends, coins are then distributed to members when all of the below conditions are met:-

  • The block is valid (not an orphan block)
  • The block has passed all confirmations (confirmed block)
Remember we can only credit members once we ourselves have received the coins for a valid block.

Hardware/Software Setup
Due to the number of mining hardware devices and their unique configuration setups TheCoin.pw is unable to assist with setup/configuration support cases.

TheCoin.pw assumes that members have knowledge of mining before signing up to any of the mining pools.

Another Mining Pool
This support centre only services TheCoin.pw mining pools - this means only mining pools that end with the domain ".thecoin.pw".